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3 ingredients of a successful blog


There are 3 ingredients to a successful blog that influential bloggers such as Problogger’s Darren Rowse use.  What if I told you that you can adapt these tactics and have a blog that your fans rave about? Whether you are in the coaching, technology, health and fitness, or marketing business your ideal client wants to know,  like and trust you before they can do business with you.

Writing a blog post helps you connect with people who are interested in a product, service or program that you can help them with.

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Your blog is a great platform to build awareness of the problem you solve.  It is also a way of building relationships and confidence with your potential clients.

So with this in mind write content that has these three goals:-




Content that will get people to know you.

When thinking about writing content ask yourself, “What type of content can I write that people are going to share?” Your posts are only a way of pulling people to get to know you.  Offer relevant, and valuable content that will get shared and get people to know you. When someone shares your post their friends get to know you.  Make sure that your content really resonates with your audience.  A blog post showcases your expertise while showing your personality and therefore letting people consider working with you as opposed to someone they don’t know.

Content that will get people to like you.

We’ve all heard this one:  be a story teller. Share stories on a more personal level.  They could be on video or webinars. This helps people see your voice or face and start connecting with and liking you. Inspirational content or anything that helps people get motivated is a surefire share magnet. Also content that helps people to feel something or feel like they belong or content that changes peoples lives- such as teaching them step by step to do something.

Share what you know or mistakes you made that you now know to avoid. When people see that you know what you are talking about they now go a step further from liking you to trusting you.

Content that will get people to trust you.

In their 2006 report Edelman Trust Barometer, a global PR firm which reports on the trust level of people to NGOs, governments and businesses across 23 countries, participants said they were more likely to trust “a person like me”.  Those whom they could relate to and who are like them. The good news is that when you are the authority in your community then people will trust you.

A couple of things to build trust with your audience are: 

  • Be honest about your business.

Times have changed and we are seeing more solopreneurs everywhere.  Do not pretend to have a multinational business while in truth it’s just you and your dog Buddy.

  • Be honest about your expertise

In this day where everyone has become an expert it is easy to call yourself an expert. Sharing what you know and pointing out what you are really not good at makes people relate to you.  For instance I am not techie at all.  So when I am showing a step by step video on how to use a Facebook feature and it involves a technical part such as copying a code,  I let people know that, that part of the particular feature I am not good at and it would be valuable for them to hire an expert to help them in that area.

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Finally, don’t forget to mention how you can help

When you put out an article in your blog, every now and then mention the services that you offer in a non salesy way so the reader does not get swamped in the blog and forget the services that you offer.  For instance if you write a blog on how to lose 30 pounds in one month, mention that you offer one on one coaching or a free consultation to anyone who is looking to lose weight and get fit.  The key thing is to do it in a way that you are not trying to sell your services on the blog.

As you grow and build an audience through your blog, you will find great intel about your ideal audience’s needs wants and struggles. By people knowing, liking and trusting you, you will see which posts are most popular by either the comments they get or by the way they have been shared by your audience.

Their challenges will help you tailor make your services or products with them in mind.  For instance if you are a business coach and you find that your posts about productivity are getting more comments and shares, then you can gather that creating a program on how your audience can save time and achieve their goals would be well received.

I have created a free cheat sheet for you to print out and put it next to your computer so you can use it every time you write a blog. Click here to download it.

Click here to instantly download my free cheat sheet: “3 Ingredients to a successful blog.”

So what are you waiting for?  Go ahead test out these 3 ingredients for your next blog post.  Do you use your blog to build awareness of the problems you solve? Let me know in the comments section below.

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5 Smart Ways to make 2018 your most productive year yet

Do you want make 2018 your most productive year yet? Here are 5 smart ways to help you get the clarity you need to have success.

I have researched what most successful people do to achieve their goals and it is the daily activities that they fill their time with that sets them apart. You too can learn to manage your activities efficiently and make 2018 your most productive year yet.  Read on to find out how you too can manage your daily activities so you can achieve your goals.

#1 Make a list of small Manageable tasks

Sir Richard Branson carries a notebook with him everywhere and writes down every single idea that he has.  He says; “no idea is too small and no idea is too big either”. He also makes a list of small manageable tasks to complete each day by cutting his day up into chunks.

#2 Avoid Procrastination

To make 2018 your most productive year yet, you will need to avoid procrastination.  Did you know that procrastination is a psychological issue? The good news is that you can defeat it with the right principles? Procrastination is putting off doing something for another which ends up in lost opportunity.   Surely, none of us wants to wake up one day to realize that life passed us by due to lost opportunity. One of the best slogans ever made is Nike’s “Just do it!”  So stop procrastinating and start now even if the alternative looks easier. Don’t wait until everything is perfect or for the right opportunity to start. The perfect opportunity never arrives.  In their book Rework, Jason Fried & David Heinemeir Hansson say, “what you do is what matters not what you think or say or plan.” So I say just do it and move on to the next project.

#3 Use a Time Tracker

Time yourself as you work through your projects. This will help you track how long a certain project is taking you and help you make necessary changes. To help her stay focused, serial entrepreneur and business coach, Melanie Duncan uses a time tracker. It is a simple table with the Time and Task on the vertical column corresponding with a dollar rate across for example $10, $100, $1,000 or $10,000, to measure if the activities she is spending time on, are income generating activities.  Using her phone timer, after every 2 hours she stops to record what she has been working on. At the end of the day, she says “I total up the hours that I’ve spent in each column, multiply them by their rate and then add it all together to see how much value I produced for my business that day.”  This helps her keep on track with her goals or if she needs to reevaluate how she is spending her time

#4 Have a Morning Routine to Make 2018 Your Most Productive Year 

Creating a morning routing whereby you wake up early before everyone in your household gives you the benefit of uninterrupted peace to do what you want such as to exercise, read or to meditate. Most successful people like Oprah and Deepak Chopra spend their first hour of the day by quieting their mind and connecting to God.  They also journal what they are grateful for. You can put in as little time as 5 minutes in each area with this routine or you can squeeze in your prayer, journaling, exersize all in one hour or less. Having a morning routine is a great way to start your day with a cleansed mind free of anxiety, stress and frustration. So squeeze in a few extra hours a week even if it means going to bed an hour earlier than normal.

#5 Learn to Say No to Time Wasters

If we are going to accomplish our goals, we must learn to say not to those things that are not in line with our goals.  Sometimes we find ourselves trapped in things that are not in our priority list, such as random surfing of the net and neglecting what is important. Do you sometimes find that you are on the net surfing about juicy topics, wouldn’t it be nice if you were using that time with activities that add value to your life, such as reading a motivational book, exercising or writing that one article that you have been putting off?

Leave a comment below and share what you are doing professionally and personally to make 2018 your most productive year yet.



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5 Facebook Marketing Techniques to boost your business in 2016

Is Facebook relevant anymore?  Yes, it is more relevant than ever.  Your customers or consumers are using Facebook everyday!  In this post, learn 5 Facebook marketing techniques to boost your business in 2016.

Your ideal audience is using social media to talk with their friends and family and we have the ability to connect with them right where they are talking to their friends and family. It’s a matter of you doing your research to find out where they are hanging out and what type of content makes them tick, so you can engage with them authentically.

#1. Audience Insights

One of the tools that I recommend you use in 2016, is Facebook’s Audience Insights. Audience Insights can help you mine valuable information about your Facebook fans. Facebook designed Audience Insights with the goal “to help marketers learn more about their target audiences, including aggregate information about Geography, demographics, purchase behavior and more.”

You can find out who your fans are, and what their interests are and what other pages they like.  This becomes helpful information when you start running Ads because you can target those pages that have similar products to what you are selling or common interests of your ideal audience.

Go to Facebook Audience Insights by going to  Choose people connected to your page

In the graph below where it says Interests, enter the name of the page of your competitor or of other pages that you talk about similar topics.  For me I would enter Female Entrepreneur Association.  Make sure that you are entering big pages so that they can pop up here. If it doesn’t pop up use the name of another page.

If I click on Page Likes, I am shown other pages that my audience is likely to hang out.  On the left is the pages categories and on the right are the names- Female Entrepreneur Association, Melanie Duncan, The Girls Mean Business, Women in Business, Ali Brown, etc. This is super valuable to note because not only am I able to go to this pages and see what kind of content they post and even what kind of questions their fans are asking, but when I start running ads I will enter the names of these pages in the Interest section.[bctt tweet=”Audience Insights can help you mine valuable information about your Facebook fans” username=”WambuiGithire”][bctt tweet=”Audience Insights can help you mine valuable information about your Facebook fans” username=”WambuiGithire”]

[bctt tweet=”Audience Insights can help you mine valuable information about your Facebook fans” username=”WambuiGithire”]
 #2. Content creation

Your customers are online and they want to hear from you.  With great content we can reach our customers every day and have conversations with them.  All we have to do is create engaging content that is conversational and friendly and talk to them like you would talk to a friend.  People are not on Facebook to do business with you – they are there to catch up with their friends.  So we have the advantage of meeting with them where they are, to talk to them and build relationships.  Use a free visual content creating tool to create great visual content.  It’s fun and easy to use.  They also have many tutorials if you get stuck.